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    Barneys App


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    Barneys App

    Post by jordyroxs1 on Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:52 am

    1. Name? IRL Name: Jordan IGN: Barney

    2. Age: 13

    3. Location: Palmerston North
    3a. State: New Zealand
    3b. Ping: 70-80
    4. Why would you like to join [oP]?

    I would like to join oP Because I go on the DR server everyday and I enjoy playing with friends and everyone on the server. If anyone is being rude or annoying I will tell and admin or report them to the forums
    5. Are you well known?
    Well I guess I'm well knowen I go on the server everyday for at least 4-5 hours.
    6. Are you well liked?
    Well thats not my choice if someone does not like me. But if they have any problems they could just ask Smile,

    7. Are you a Death Runner/ Promoder/ Codjumper?

    I try to go on a variety of oPs server but mostly Deathrun

    8. Do you have over 20 hrs on any of our servers combined or not?

    Yes On oP Deathrun I would of spent alot of time

    9.How would you like to help the server?

    For me helping the server would mean helping out of players with there problems, reporting any hackers or ruining the game for others. I would suggest new maps or new plugins or anything that would help the server out.

    ~Barney  lol! 

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