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    sl is here admin app

    sl is here

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    sl is here admin app

    Post by sl is here on Sun Jul 28, 2013 7:05 pm

    1. Why do you want to be admin?
    Because i love the DeathRun server, There is alot of people saying that i could be good admin. Also i hate people who trolls others and blocks and stuff, i would like give warnings and that. Im from finland so i can play when there is night on america and day in finland, Then more people join when they see there is players.

    2. What server do you want to admin?
    DeathRun i love it, I have played it alot.

    3. What level admin are you aiming for?
    20-30, Im not sure did i understand the question right, but yeh

    4. Do you feel like you are ready?
    Yes, I have played there alot, i know the rules and all.

    5. How many hours have you played?

    5a. DeathRun Rank Name Score↑ Time Played Score/Min
    128 sl is here 29864 12.92 38.53

    5b. Zombies Not played there, Never seen people there.

    5c. Promod same

    5d. Cod Jumper -

    6. Do you get along with the community well? (we will ask)
    Everyone who i have played with i think they like me, They say i could be good admin.

    7. Any suggestions for the server?
    New weapons, sprays, camos, characters and levels.
    8. What do you want to improve?
    People who break the rules and annoy to other players. Some new music would be fun. Smile
    sl is here.

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