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    Post by Zambies on Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:29 pm

    1. Name?Dave

    2. Age?15

    3. Location?Australia
    3a. State Queensland
    3b. Ping 30-60
    4. Why would you like to join [oP]? i would love to join oP because it is a fantastic clan and i think it would be even more great if i was in it. I have seen some people in oP and i just think they are amazing, kind and beasts. So i would like to like to be just like that. All of the oP clan members also are very helpful with giving instructions and what not and i would love to be just like them and just like you ps no homo

    5. Are you well known? yes

    6. Are you well liked? yes

    7. Are you a Death Runner/ Promoder/ Codjumper? death runner

    8. Do you have over 20 hrs on any of our servers combined or not? yes on the deathrun server

    9.How would you like to help the server? I would like to help the server by trying to get more maps and spreading the word to friends and family that there is and awesome server called oP an and by doing this you could get more donations. Also i can edit and do some graphic designing with photoshop cs5 and adobe illustrator. This could help you by having an elaborate background that catches peoples attention, attracting them to check out the servers and be apart of the oP community. I would also like to help some of the new people joining the oP servers. To make them feel the way of these oP servers the way i do. In a relaxing, fun server not a boring sadistic server

    10. Do You Have Teamspeak 3 and A Mic? (Mandatory) yes

    Please use Stock/white Title color
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